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Tiny Cave

The space inside a rock lying on the ground, mixing with the region. By camouflaging itself, it imitates the mineral formation processes with its structure and integrates with the natural environment by complying with its laws.
A foundation was dug into the soil by depositing it around the excavated soil and obtaining a protection dam without mechanical consistency.

Concrete was poured into the space between the soil and the air to solidify some straw bales. The concrete casting enveloped the air and was protected by the earth.

After a while, he discovered an amorphous mass and removed the world,
He exchanged soil and concrete properties: soil gave concrete its texture, color, shape, and essence; concrete has given the soil its strength and internal structure.

With the quarry machines, the concrete was crushed by the hydrostatic pressure applied to the fragile plant structure, exploring the mass of straw in it and applying some cuts to the stone to discover its core.

Because of both the ambiguity between the natural and the constructed and the complex materiality that a single constructive element, an unreinforced concrete mass, manages to give a small architectural space of different scales.
From the shapeless outer texture to the severe cut of the section that brings out the architectural profession, reaching the fluid expression of the inner solidification of concrete.

This thick material, which gives the vertical walls a rustic look, is the result of the size of the straw bales and contrasts with the liquid continuity of the roof, reminiscent of the sea, petrified in the architrave that forms the sublime frame of the spatial frame. The Atlantic Ocean thus emphasizes the horizon, the only stretched line of inner space.
In order to provide the necessary comfort and livability to the architectural space, we modeled Le Corbusier’s “Cabanon” and recreated its program and dimensions. The reference to “Cabanon de Beton” [concrete Cabanon], which made Trufa a place to live and enjoy in nature, inspired and subjugated us.
The lesson we have learned is the uncertainty that guides us in our desire to build a piece of nature with our hands, a space for contemplation, a small poem.