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Takeshi Hosaka’s Love2 House

A house for two couples in the center of Tokyo. The total floor area is only 18„é°. Find a very small land and live richly.

This is the house of a couple in downtown Tokyo. The total construction area is 18 square meters. In Tokyo, land prices are so expensive that it is difficult to buy new land and build houses. However, it is possible to live affluently on small land.

From two top lights of different size and height, Direct sunlight and moonlight pour in. Feel the changing seasons in a small house in Tokyo.

Two roofs of different heights with slightly curved top edges have two skylights. If the site cannot get direct sunlight in winter, the interior will be filled with indirect soft sunlight. In summer, like a tropical country, the sun shines directly into the house. We can enjoy various global environments in this small house.

Whether it’s hot, cold, sunny, rainy, snowy, Enjoy the open-air bath on the bus terrace. Enjoy the open-air bath on the bathroom terrace. Enjoy hot, cold, sunny, rainy and snowy days every day.

From the dining space, look at the eucalyptus and acacia planted in the road garden and eat rice cooked in a clay pot. Collected records and books line up all over the house. Rather than scraping it down to the minimum just because it’s a small house, you say that there is everything in a small house.
Enjoy a life filled with the utmost richness.

Behind the large window is a “private road” that opens to the community. It’s both my own garden and my road. Neighbors feel free to talk, I stopped my dog during the walk, Children look into this small house with great interest.

Architect Takeshi Hosaka