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Balance with Nature,

It is a RC one-story house built in Matsumoto, Okinawa City.

The site is located about 7 m below the front road, and due to the height of the front road, consideration must be given to the line of sight from a high position. Yes, bathrooms and toilets were required to have higher floors than other rooms.
In addition, the client requested that the extraordinary nature of a resort hotel be felt even in the house, and proceeded with the overall plan based on the site conditions, the environment of Okinawa, and the client’s request.

Therefore, we divided the building into a water wing and a living room, placed a passage yard and courtyard in the gap, and attached a garage.
By turning the V-shaped roof on one side into the water wing and the sloped roof with the eaves low on the living room ridge in a U-shape, you can control the appearance of the roof and the conditions born from it by controlling the appearance from the top. Considered the gaze.
In addition, the floor level of each building was differentiated to eliminate drainage problems.

The approach is to go around the site as if going down the slope from the road and arrive at the building.
When entering the entrance, a courtyard wrapped in concrete spreads out, and each room is connected through the courtyard while maintaining a reasonable distance.
There is no entrance like this one in this house, and you take off your shoes in front of the room and enter inside.
In the old Okinawan houses, the space like the edge called Amahaji played the role of the entrance, and there was no concept of the entrance in the first place.
In this house, the Amahaji-like space is transformed into a U-shape and opened to the outside to control the line of sight.
The water ridge is located across the narrow passageway yard from the LDK, and is also responsible for the traffic to the outside and the garage.

What is Okinawanness? As a result of our own studies, we felt that maintaining a proper distance from nature without being too open or closed to the outside is the ideal way of architecture for the rich and harsh environment of Okinawa.
It seemed that the space that was gradually formed gave an answer to the vague feeling.

■ Architectural overview

Completion of a house in Matsumoto, Okinawa City: November 2019 Location: Matsumoto, Okinawa City, Okinawa Main use: Dedicated house design: First-class architect office STUDIO MONAKA
Structure: Yoshiki Kato Structural Design Office Yoshiki Kato Furniture: enno (Riki Ohashi)
Landscaping: HARVEST HIGH!
Construction: Taisei Plan Site area: 565.20 m2
Building area: 135.01㎡
Total floor area: 113.65㎡
Design period: December 2015-October 2016 Construction period: January 2018-November 2019
RC single-story building external roof: RC slab + heat-insulating waterproof paint eaves lining: decorative form concrete exposed finish + water repellent exterior wall: decorative form concrete exposed finish + water repellent opening: wooden fittings, aluminum sash internal floor: Chargi flooring, selangambatsu, mortar gold trowel finishing wall: Rawan plywood formwork concrete + water repellent, rawan plywood clad ceiling: rawan plywood upholstery, decorative formwork concrete bare finish + water repellent Photographer: Kazuoki Yasugi