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Unashamed Brutalism

The primary thing that stands apart about Casa Mérida is its unashamed brutalism, characterized by crude and ubiquitous solid, every hard edge and unpleasant surfaces under the solid Mexican sun. The second is that the vast majority of the structure is by all accounts open to the outside, with not many completely encased spaces. The undertaking’s characterizing highlight, however, is that it is 80m long yet just 8m wide.

While this odd stretch would be viewed as irregular in many spots, in Mérida, capital of the Mexican province of Yucatán, it’s genuinely normal, clarifies the house’s draftsman, French-conceived, Mexico City-based Ludwig Godefroy: ‘This sort of parcel is wherever in the notable focus of Mérida and it has to do with legacy, when individuals began to cut bi er plots into littler ones, to disperse to various kin.’ And while a major piece of the city contains amazing frontier engineering, some urban lumps incorporate increasingly humble styles, for example, old specialists’ bungalows. It was one such structure that Godefroy went over, when he visited Mérida with his customer, a high-flying proficient from Mexico City. His group of three was looking for the ideal spot for a retreat, to shroud away and use as a base to kite-surf close by.

The peculiar plot was a characteristic Godefroy grasped right away. ‘The house’s long and slender site gave another sort of challenge for me,’ he says. ‘It’s not at all as I’ve done previously and by propelling yourself, something new and astonishing can come up.’

Also, come up it did, as the uncontrollably di erent configuration rose, changing the current structure into a 21st-century austere shelter. Accepting the site as the primary motivation, Godefroy began to investigate the conceivable outcomes; he likewise looked to the neighborhood culture and vernacular just as close to home in uences, continually modifying zones until the entire task felt perfectly, both noting the customer’s needs and tting in the urban setting.