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Modern Mexican Pyramid

n the Mexican state of Oaxaca, beside Puerto Escondido’s famed pipeline, you’ll find the architect Ludwig Godefroy’s concrete masterpiece: ‘Casa Zicatela’.

The imposing concrete mass on top of a hill overlooks an agave plantation against the mountains in the east and the famous surfing place Playa Zicatela in the west. Designed as a weekend getaway for a family living in Mexico City, the location of the property was used as an inspiration for the concept and construction of the house.

Godefroy, the chief architect, created an area that works around open-air living spaces and gardens, typical of ancient temples that fill many coastal areas in Mexico. Huge concrete staircases rising from the roof to the amphitheater make some of the ‘Casa Zicatela’ feel more like a Teotihuacán than a holiday home: “The house is an outside shelter, God explains Godefroy, korumak to protect a Mexican pyramid from the inside. Tam Exactly what the Mexican pyramid is is still visible – but it certainly looks well preserved.

From the outside, it is difficult to determine exactly what the building is, the concrete walls form an impenetrable façade cut by two equally dense wooden doors. The space inside these doors opens; sliding louver doors ensure the integration of interior and exterior spaces – all of the clustered bedrooms around the swimming pool can be opened. Inside, the furniture is minimal and only the concrete floors are finished – polished and polished to the excellence of the holiday home.