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Avantgarde Concrete Audio Room

“Without any doubt, the DUO MEZZO sounds effortless, extremely open and emotional touching. You must experience this by yourself, to understand. The totally unleashed dynamics are unbelievable fascinating. This turns on and gets you addicted. This explosiveness ca not be reached with any other system. The original dynamics of a symphony orchestra played through the DUO MEZZO formally outclasses other boxes. With the right music and attitude this is the topmost ever!” (HIFI EXKLUSIV, T. Frantzen, GERMANY)

You can’t believe what the basshorn module does. It changes everything! Listens respectfully to this system. The regeneration of wind and stringed musical instruments of an orchestra is that astonishing! Each musical instrument within the orchestra is outlined so clear. In the chorus each solo singer’s ray of sound is so defined. I am afraid to faint by thinking that a simple CD already can sound so good.” (AUDIO ART, Ming-Zhen Liu, TAIWAN)