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Concrete Letters

Concrete finds a wide range of uses and one of them is DIY concrete letters! B and A letters will be used as a template. You can also use other letters.

The instructions are really so simple. Use a box cutter to remove the bottom of each letter. If it’s symmetrical, then it doesn’t matter, but if you have an F or something, you’ll want to be sure that you’re removing the side you don’t want to face out. There will be an accordion folded strip of cardboard insideƧ.

Mix the cement according to the directions on the package, then scoop it into your letters. We put some tinfoil underneath them, because this part is a bit messy. Pick your letter up and gently drop it a couple times or shake it around to make sure the cement reaches every corner.

Smooth out the cement and wipe away any areas with cement spilling over the sides. Now, wait for the cement to fully dry and harden (following the directions on the package). Be patient! When it’s fully set, peel away the cardboard mold and discard it.

This much! Isn’t that easy? If you want a harder look, mix your water to make it a little thicker. If you prefer a smoother surface, make it a little smoother and use immediately.