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Concrete House In Argentina

Architect Luciano Kruk designed a one-storey concrete house in Maschwitz, a town in the north of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The one-storey house has a pool in front and the windows overlook the street. The concrete blocks extend to the front door and form a bridge over the pool.

The patio behind the house provides sun protection, while the concrete block path leads to the swimming pool. The lighting of the house shows the design of the house and emphasizes the ledge.

Inside, all the walls were left raw. Polished concrete floor is also used inside. The large sliding glass walls open the interiors to the backyard and behind the living room there is an internal patio with plants and another small pool.

There’s a kitchen next to the lounge. Since concrete is the main material in the house, the concrete counter with open shelf on the countertops was used to form a large island. Black cabinet and dining chairs, black window frames are compatible with concrete.

Molded concrete walls of wooden boards separate the areas of the house

In the bedroom, plenty of natural light comes from the large sliding glass doors opening into the backyard and the window sitting at the bedside.