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A concrete castle in Japan

This concrete house was designed by Japanese architects FORM and Kouichi Kimura as a quiet and silent escape on the edge of a busy highway in Shiga, Japan, to prevent traffic noise.

You won’t find too many windows outside this three-bedroom dwelling, so noise is not reflected;

But that doesn’t mean it’s dark inside the house. Large skylights and narrow window openings allow natural light to enter and illuminate minimal modern interiors suspended by raw processed concrete blocks.

The furniture all through the living spaces is frequently incorporated with the structure of the home, and fills different needs. The support in the front room which retires all the TV innovation, folds over the abutting divider and fills in as a stage out onto a patio at the back of the home.

Quite often in a shading palette of dark and metallic charcoal. Regardless of this, the home feels inviting and comfortable and offers an invite retreat from the speeding vehicles simply outside.