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Modern and Minimalist Concrete House

Just called House in Akitsu, this cutting edge and moderate home comprises of two rectangular covering volumes. A wide staircase and a patio structure the passage territory of the house. The whole façade of the house is described by harsh cement. A similar idea of rectangular shapes can be found inside the structure. A solid winding staircase makes an all around offset bend with the direct condition. Enormous windows give extraordinary perspectives on the delightful scene and light up the monochromatic living idea. Regardless of whether outside or inside space, the general visual experience is portrayed by the diminished engineering structure.

Completed in 2016 by the team of Kazunori Fujimoto Architects, this modern and minimalist concrete house has been placed on a peninsula of Hiroshima, Japan

An artistic minimalist stairs leading to the roof terrace.

Offers wonderful views of the beautiful surroundings through the concrete walls.